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Discover How We Understand and Execute Your Business Needs

Finding the right people to do the job can be challenging, but that’s why we’re here. Reliasourcing is a Philippine-based BPO that aims to provide you with the solutions to help your company grow and thrive! With our expertise and knowledge of call center operations and the latest insights in customer service, we guarantee that we’ll be able to deliver the results you need.

Besides, we won’t go into any operations blindly–and neither will you! With our thorough onboarding process, we align with your needs and ensure that the rest of your team is thoroughly briefed, trained, and knowledgeable about your goals and operations. Data-driven and results-oriented, our experts are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Reliasourcing’s onboarding process follows five steps to ensure flawless communication and sufficient training for every team member:

Initial Contact

Before we start to recruit and train, we start off our partnership with a brief meeting where we get to know each other. This helps us understand your goals and objectives even further and lets you see Reliasourcing as a trusted business partner.

In this initial meeting discuss the following:

  • Your business – who you are, what your value proposition is, who your customers are and what they need
  • Your business goals
  • Staffing requirements, including the tools, training, and resources needed for your success

Planning and Proposal

We don’t believe in generic and broad outsourcing solutions. After all, the goal is to drive more customers in. With the understanding that each business is different and unique, our experts will send over a detailed proposal specifically designed for you.

Before we unveil our finalized plan, we closely work with you to ensure that we’re hitting all your requirements. We help you set a clear, realistic, and measurable goal based on our collaborative key business metrics and agreed-upon targets. This ensures that our team can deliver exactly when and how you want it.

Our finalized proposal not only includes everything agreed upon, but also sets expectations, timelines, requirements, and deadlines for deliverables. We break your process outsourcing into project milestones as well, until turnover to a turn-key manager.

Recruiting and Training

With everything all set, we start off the recruitment process. Reliasourcing recruits from a pool of over 200k qualified applicants or directly assigns trusted and experienced call center agents to meet your business needs. We ensure that each recruit fulfills your requirements and understands your goals and operations before we roll them out.

Reliasourcing also takes care of the training of these new recruits. We utilize the best of your training programs and resources so that each new member gains the most important skills you need. Don’t have the resources to train them? No worries! Our services can also include the development of training materials for your new team.


You’re ready to start rocking!

With your new team prepared and equipped, you can now start your operations smoothly and efficiently. But that doesn’t stop Reliasourcing’s services–after all, we are committed to ensuring your success.

Our team will work closely with you and provide daily/weekly/monthly reports of your operations. This gives you the opportunity to further develop your team and get ahead of your competition. With the best partners behind your back, you can achieve your goals in no time at all!

Why Choose Reliasourcing?

Reliasourcing goes above and beyond merely catering to your unique requirements. With our stellar specializations, we will help you move your business forward strategically and efficiently.

Interested in our specializations? Get in touch with our specialists right away to get started on your project.