Our Team

Our Team

Our team works together to deliver truly personalized solutions for the most effective results.

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Yoray Ofek

Managing Partner

As the Managing Partner of Reliasourcing, Yoray led us from day 1 and built Reliasourcing from the ground up, along with our core leadership team. With vast experience in the BPO industry, his expertise lies in business management, solutions-driven strategies, and sales-oriented growth.

 Yoray currently oversees the entire operations, from strategic planning to identifications of new growth opportunities, enhancement of performance and analysis of periodic reports and projections. Yoray has been based in the Philippines for over a decade –  investing in innovative enterprises, and extending his experience and knowledge to various businesses.


Amir Borsok

Sales Business Development Executive

Amir is responsible for identifying, sourcing and exploring new growth and expansion opportunities in Reliasourcing. He has been a part of our company ever since, helped form the core leadership team and all other tasks to help us launch. From initial contact and all through the on-boarding process, he assures a smooth and efficient engagement with prospects. Amir also utilizes his background in sales and operations and to help measure data, KPIs and enhance the sales performance in the company.

Lendy Rivera

Director of HR

Lendy has over 8 years of experience in Human Resources for various BPO companies and interacting with a variety of international organizations and leaderships.

Her experience ranges from the establishment, implementation, and continuous improvement of various HR facets. Her contributions as a strategic partner to Reliasourcing has had a positive impact on employee engagement and retention.

Jerome Calla

Head of IT

As the head of IT, Jerome is in charge of multi-vendor solutions, management of network infrastructures, optimizing working environments, data protection and resolving troubleshooting. He has ten years of extensive ICT experience in a variety of roles. Jerome has been a valuable partner in helping all operations in Reliasourcing run smoothly and efficiently while reducing redundancy.

Eugenia Langbayan

Head of Operations

Eugenia is a Dynamic and result-oriented operation head with more than several years of experience in Leadership. Proven skills to lead multiple accounts to successful outcomes from sales to customer service. She helps Reliasourcing build relationships with clients while executing new sales strategies to generate growth. Passionate about translating project visions and objectives into reality, offering tangible results in line with client expectations. Highly skilled in formulating strategies, improving performance, developing team members, finding ways to increase quality of customer service and implement best practices across all levels.

Raychell Parreno

Head of Employee Relations and Recruitment

Raychell has extensive experience in Human Resource Management and has facilitated effective communication between current and prospective employees, as well as management, at Reliasourcing. She is a Human Resources expert in all areas, from talent acquisition to employee engagement. Raychell, as Human Resources Manager, promotes amicable and beneficial employee-company relations in all situations while adhering to Reliasourcing’s objectives and policies.

Lendy is our HR director. She  collaborates with senior management to design, analyze, and implement successful HR initiatives, policies, and programs.


Our Approach

We take our time to understand the unique needs, parameters, and goals of each business to deliver truly personalized solutions for the most effective results. On top of that, we strive to remain as flexible as possible when it comes to service offers. We can assist you in creating a personalized package, so you pay for only what you need.

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